Updated Netflix app rolls out for Android handsets

About a week ago, Netflix rolled out a revamped mobile app for iPhone users that boasted a new look and feel. A similar update for Android handsets is now hitting the Google Play store. 

Like its iOS counterpart, the new Android application features an updated interface that attempts to bring a tablet-like Netflix experience to smartphones. The app also offers a new browse screen that allows users to scroll through more titles than previous versions – along with an optimized home screen layout and ubiquitous search function.

At the top of the updated application is a row of larger windows – allowing the user to continue watching TV shows and movies they have previously viewed. The best part about this particular feature? It provides access to previously viewed programs – no matter what device they were watched on. Meaning, a show you started watching on your computer or tablet will be available on your smartphone and vice versa.

The updated app also displays the Instant Queue above your personal top 10 list. Plus, there are now more categories in the Browse menu, including children’s titles.

Essentially, the app is designed to be more touch-centric, allowing a user to obtain more information about a movie with one tap and to start playing the movie or TV show with two taps. The updated application is available for all Android users running 2.3 Gingerbread are higher and is currently rolling out on Google Play.