Microsoft’s newest hire linked to Xbox TV content

Microsoft has hired a network television executive.Nancy Tellem, formerly one of the top dogs at CBS, has officially joined Microsoft’s Xbox team.

She will head a new production studio based in Los Angeles with the specific goal of developing interactive and non-interactive content for the Xbox platform, as well as other devices.

“I am excited to be a part of the continued evolution of Xbox from a gaming console to the hub of every household’s entertainment experience,” Tellem was quoted as saying.

The Xbox 360 is already becoming less and less of a video game machine and more of an all-encompassing entertainment device for the living room.

All consoles are trying to do that on some level, but by the end of the year, the Xbox 360 will offer content ranging from live coverage of pretty much every sporting event you can imagine to streaming music, and even live cable TV.

The latter is in fact already available for customers of small, regional cable services. The Wii and PS3 admittedly cannot truly compete with the depth of non-gaming content that the Xbox 360 offers.

And who knows how much this is going to expand with the Xbox 720? Clearly Microsoft wants to compete directly with live TV companies.