Check out the $1500 edition of Resident Evil 6

This is for the truly die-hard fans.

An edition of Resident Evil 6 has popped up in the UK for 899 GBP, which is around $1400-$1500.

It comes with a replica jacket as worn by Leon Kennedy in the game, along with a bunch of downloadable content, tablet cases, and stickers. Worth $1500? You be the judge.

Resident Evil 6 is due out later this year.

There will also be online support for up to six players through Xbox Live or the Playstation Network.

There has been no official release date announced for the title yet, but it should launch some time in 2012.

Resident Evil is one of the longest-lasting video game franchises for the mature, adult crowd, with its tantalizing mix of horror, blood, and incredible story.

The previous entry, Resident Evil 5, not only lived up to its popularity but also gained headlines for its seemingly intentional controversy mongering.

RE5 took place in Africa, where all the zombies were black. Some took issue with the fact that players spent an entire game shooting and killing droves of black people, while controlling a white character.

It remains to be seen if Resident Evil 6 will try to punch any sort of controversy, but nevertheless it should be an exciting game.