Lost Prometheus images tease alternate alien mutation

So we have tons of extra footage on the DVD/Blu-ray release of Prometheus to look forward to. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait any longer to see an alternate version of the Fifield mutation.

That’s right, because Cinefex has obtained exclusive images of a mutated Fifield CGI rendering. Unfortunately, it is unclear if the images will be offered on DVD/Blu-ray release of Prometheus, but they are available in all their gruesome glory below.

“To mutate Fifield beyond what was possible using practical makeup effects, Weta Digital generated a digital character with elongated limbs and an engorged, translucent head, incorporating a semblance of Harris’ face,” writes the magazine.

”Scott filmed the sequence both with the actor in makeup and without, providing clean plates that would allow for the insertion of the digital character. The final cut featured mostly makeup effects, which Weta enhanced with digital wire removal, bullet hits, and one shot of the digital creature’s body blended to the actor.” 

As Janice Kay of ScienceFiction.com points out, Scott is well known for attempting to bring a sense of realism to his set and actors while filming.

“[So] sticking with the traditional make up route instead of having the actors react to a green screen seems to give a more authentic experience,” explains Kay.

“The CGI version of the creature does look more alien while the prosthetic/make creature seems more realistic. [Of course], It would be interesting to speculate if the impression of what happened to Fifield would be different had Scott used the CGI form.”