The Hole trailer takes a leap

The low-budget horror film has finally found a US distributor.

The Hole was produced by Bold Films several years ago. It debuted on the indie circuit to some acclaim in 2009, but afterward, the production company was unable to strike a deal with any US distributors. While overseas distribution deals were clinched, no one wanted to help release the film in the States.

Recently, however, Big Air Studios agreed to facilitate a limited theatrical run of the fantasy thriller.

Written by Mark L. Smith and directed by Gremlins and Innerspace helmer Joe Dante, The Hole tells the tale of a group of kids who accidentally open a portal to a realm of nightmares. As each of them is haunted by their worst fears, they start to realize that opening the door was a mistake, and the only way to survive is to find a way to seal it once more.

We have this trailer:

And the synopsis is thus:

Susan and her sons Dane and Lucas Thompson move from Brooklyn to Bensonville, in the countryside. Dane is upset with the constant changes of address and the family has lived in many cities. Lucas and Dane befriend their next door neighbor, the gorgeous Julie and the brothers find a bottomless hole in the basement of their house locked with several padlocks. They take the locks off and sooner they are haunted by their darkest fears. Further, they believe that the hole might be a gateway to hell. 

The Hole, which stars Teri Polo, Bruce Dern, Chris Massoglia, Haley Bennett, and Nathan Gamble,  will receive a limited release starting September 28th, 2012. Check the listings for your local small-run theater if you want to see it.