The Godfather Monopoly game

No, this story is not another video game based on The Godfather.

You may recall several years back there was a Godfather video game, which was denounced by director Francis Ford Coppola, as well as others who worked on the classic film. 

There’s certainly movies that are fine to adapt into video games, and some that should be left alone, but it became a moot point anyways because the Godfather game didn’t exactly set the industry on fire.


Yet somehow, creating a board game on The Godfather actually makes more sense, and doesn’t feel as blasphemous, at least to me. As we’ve seen in organized crime stories, there’s a lot of strategy involved in being a mob boss, and you gotta stay many steps ahead of your opponent in order to survive. In fact, playing chess would be good mental training, but now there’s a Godfather edition of Monopoly.


According to, this game was recently released in celebration of The Godfather’s 40th anniversary this year, and the site joked they could have used some of the Monopoly game pieces like the wheelbarrow for wheeling away corpses, the shoe, which you can fill with cement, and you can turn the thimble into a bullet. This game has a gun, a dead fish, cannoli, and, you guessed it, a horse’s head.


The Monopoly locations Boardwalk and Park Palace have also been changed to the Godfather’s Long Island and Lake Tahoe digs, where Fredo was famously killed in the lake. The suggested retail price is $39.95, and you can purchase the game via Amazon, as well as specialty toy stores, because I’m not sure if they’ll be carrying this one at Toys R Us…