Lottery winner wants GNR to reunite

No matter how much you explain to people over and over again it’s never going to happen, there are still many people who out there who insist on believing that Guns N’ Roses will one day reunite.

Frankly, I think they are setting themselves up for a big disappointment either way, because even if it did happen, there’s no way it would hold together, or even remotely resemble GNR in their prime.


Still, many figure if Van Halen, or most of Van Halen, can get together and do over forty dates without killing each other, why not GNR, although they really don’t understand how completely impossible Axl is to deal with. If a reunion ever happened, the band could absolutely write their own check, and one person who won the Lottery in England is now throwing his hat in the ring.


According to Blabbermouth, a 41 year old man in England named Adrian Bayford recently won 148 million pounds, which is about $232 million in US currency in the EuroMillions lottery, and he wants to spend some of that money on getting GNR to reunite.


But even if the entire band agrees to do it, this is not going to be money well spent. I can only imagine this guy paying a ton of money for a GNR reunion, then Axl refusing to show up for the tour at the last possible second, and there goes his money down the drain. (Almost reads like a modern day version of The Monkey’s Paw, no?) And again, a reunited GNR would be a broken down wreck, and would be a pretty sad spectacle to see, even worse than the new “GNR.”


Slash has already made his position on all of this pretty clear, telling Piers Morgan, “I don’t think there’s a price tag that anybody’s put in front of us that’s going to make that work,” and having to deal with Axl is indeed the textbook example of the saying, “Life’s too short.”


And as he’s always said, he’s much happier doing his own thing, especially considering he left GNR way back in 1996, and hasn’t spoken to Axl since. Slash told Blabbermouth, 

”I realized you don’t need confrontation and volatility to make rock ‘n’ roll work. It’s about playing music and having fun.” 

And indeed, if you’re not having fun playing music, touring the world, and enjoying everything that comes with it, something’s seriously wrong.