Metallica filming 3D movie this weekend

Some time ago, Metallica announced plans to shoot a self-funded 3D concert film.

This venture’s going to cost the band about $20 million of their own money, and it’s going to be produced by Charlotte Huggins, who also produced the Journey to the Center of the Earth flicks, with

Nimrod Antal (Predators) will be directing.

The shows that will be filmed for this show are on Friday August 24, and Saturday August 25, and the band put out a notice on their website, asking fans to come out on Monday August 27 to appear in the film.

“This Monday, we will be shooting what we hope will be the final live portion of the movie and have our last chance for quite some time to play on the gigantic, massive over-the-top stage that we rolled out in Mexico City, took to Edmonton and end our film excursion / mini tour with in Vancouver.”


The gig on Monday will be the band playing their live set, but with a lot of breaks so the director can set up shots and lighting. This will be open to fans for $5, and as Blabbermouth notes, all the money goes to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, and you can get tickets through Ticketmaster if you’re nearby, or want to drop everything and make it down there.


As the band previously explained, this will not just be a straight ahead concert film, but more like Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same, where the live footage is intercut with dramatic pieces, or as Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone, “75 percent concert, 25 percent other stuff.” Except with Metallica movie, imagine it “flipped around. All the non-concert footage, instead of being about the band members, is a story that unfolds, set against the backdrop of the concert.”

Blabbermouth also tells us the film is currently pegged for a Summer 2013 release, and as Ulrich told Pulse of Radio, “It’s been an idea that’s been kind of circling in everybody’s heads for about the last two years. Getting your own 3D movie off the ground is easier said than done…We just want to make sure we don’t throw ourselves out into something that gets so completely overwhelming that the whole thing just blows up in our face.”


Then again, what’s the fun of playing it safe? Metallica’s had experiments that worked, and ones that famously didn’t (St Anger and Lulu are the two obvious ones). Wherever 3D is next year, Metallica fans, and metal fans in general, love to collect and support everything they can from their favorite bands, and a Metallica 3D flick could do well theatrically, and on DVD / Blu-ray when the technology’s ready.