This LEGO Elven Rivendell is incredibly detailed

Like many geeks, I grew up playing with LEGO bricks. I even thought I was pretty darn good, well, for a while anyway.

Now every time I look at some of awesome Lego creations online I’m reminded that I was probably never anything more than a remedial LEGO kid, at least compared to some of the true geek masters.

The latest Lego masterpiece to be featured on TG Daily is this incredibly detailed Lord of the Rings Rivendell model. I’m not going to call this stunning model a set – because that would imply LEGO offered all the bricks to specifically create this very special version of Rivendell.

Frankly, this is probably one of those Lego sculptures you can look at from afar and think “that’s pretty cool” without ever really seeing the true detail and creativity involved in its construction.

When you examine some of the close-up images, particularly the clear bricks used to build the foamy white water of the waterfall, you can see just how detailed this diorama really is.

I think this might be the most amazing LEGO sculpture I’ve seen in quite a long time.

And it should be pointedo out that we’ve covered some pretty fabulous LEGO

constructs over the past year, including the Ultimate Lego R2-D2. Even better twas the DIY Lego Serenity model. We’ve even seen a geek craft a Lego space shuttle and launch it via balloon.