Neo Geo X Gold retro console launches 12/6

If you’re old enough to know what the Neo Geo was, then this news is for you.

SNK Playmore and Tommo have announced that a retro Neo Geo X Gold console will be released just in time for last-minute holiday shopping.

In 1992, the Neo Geo AES console was released, ushering in a groundbreaking new home system that brought arcade-quality fighting games to the living room for the first time.

And it would live on to be known and remembered as the console for fighting game fans, even though there were numerous other titles in other genres as well.

So to celebrate the system’s 20th anniversary, the X Gold comes pre-loaded with 20 of the most well-known titles from the console’s history.

There will also be an SD card slot, suggesting that additional Neo Geo games could be made available for the device. It has a 3.5-inch LCD, internal speakers, and the ability to output through A/V cables.

“Great game consoles don’t die; they’re just reborn in much more affordable and convenient packages. The NEOGEO X GOLD is a love letter to one of my favorite consoles of all time, and working with SNK PLAYMORE to acquire the NEOGEO license, Tommo Inc. looks to provide gaming and entertainment enthusiasts with a classic arcade experience both at home and on the go,” said Tommo CEO Jonathan Wan.

There’s something about retro games that have universal – and timeless – appeal. For those of us who grew up playing on the Atari or Sega Genesis, playing old-school titles presents an unbeatable sense of nostalgia.

But perhaps the most surprising thing is that even brand new gamers are becoming fans of the classic titles from the 1990s, proving that there was something about those simple-but-addicting games that can’t even be replicated with today’s incredibly more powerful technology.

The Neo Geo X Gold will be priced at $200.