Xbox 720 dev kit sells for $20,100 on eBay

A purported Xbox 720 developers kit has sold for a cool $20,100 on eBay after racking up a total of 43 bids.

Codenamed Durango, the 64-bit dev kit is housed inside an anonymous-looking black box and includes an x86 Intel CPU, an Nvidia GPU, 8GB of memory, wireless controller and power supply.

It should be noted that Durango was initially offered at $10,000 on an obscure online forum for $10,000 by SuperDaE back in July, who later moved his offer to eBay.

The enigmatic SuperDaE also tweeted alleged images of a development program for Kinect 2 this past Friday – which appear to illustrate how the next-gen Kinect will be capable of tracking individual fingers, as well as the shape of clothes and their silhouettes.

Interestingly enough, recently leaked Xbox 720 docs indicate that Redmond designed the latest iteration of Kinect with two separate camera sensors mounted on either side of the TV. 

This configuration serves to enhance the platform’s depth perception accuracy, allowing precise tracking of up to four players.

Although official specs are scarce, the Xbox 720 is believed to feature Blu-ray compatibility, a pair of augmented reality glasses, ‘Kinect V2,’ a $299.99 price point and a tentative 2013 launch date.