CoD: Black Ops 2 trailer goes multiplayer

Single player CoD action is definitely highly anticipated, but many gamers will undoubtedly prefer their Black Ops 2 experience to be a multiplayer one. 

Fortunately, Activision and Treyarch have just released the first CoD: Black Ops 2 trailer depicting some hot and heavy multiplayer combat. 

First up is what appears to be an EMP grenade of sorts, which is apparently capable of disabling hostiles in close proximity. 

Players can also see the silhouette of their opponent – through walls, other obstacles and even smoke – using a specialized weapon attachment.

As expected, the trailer offers us a glimpse of the uber-mini quadricopter drones that players can control, while eliminating rogue craft. 

Stalwart ground-based ‘bots make an appearance in the trailer, such as the A.G.R. which carries heavy machine guns and is loaded with rockets. 

Other notable items include bulletproof shields, remotely detonated explosives, a portable microwave stunner and some pretty dangerous looking throwing knives.