The return of Godzilla

Yes, there is yet another Godzilla revival in the works, and why not? I mean, everything’s getting rebooted these days, and the great beast could absolutely use one.

As you may recall, the last American attempt was simply dreadful, and you really get the impression they don’t get what makes him fun here in the States. Well the fans obviously do, but not the ninnies at the major studios.

So at Comic-Con, as hard as he would be to hide, Godzilla was snuck in at the Warner Brothers panel that included Man of Steel, The Hobbit and Pacific Rim.

A teaser started to roll and you heard the familiar yell of Godzilla. The clip was reportedly less than a minute, and it showed a brief flash of the giant monster.


The head of Legendary Pictures, Thomas Tull, told the audience he loved Godzilla since he was a kid, and they want to do a “kick ass” Godzilla flick.

The film’s director Gareth Edwards said, “I’m just going to take it really seriously. I’d like to see this movie all my life, really… There’s nothing sci-fi about this movie, it’s very grounded, realistic.”


Well, maybe Godzilla shouldn’t be taken too seriously. There should always be an element of fun with Godzilla, and even in the modern Japanese Godzilla flicks, there’s definitely wink wink nudge nudge, and the Japanese take their favorite giant nuclear creature very seriously.


At the same time, the major studios have treated stuff like Godzilla as beneath them, and don’t put that much work and effort into what they consider B movie kiddie stuff. If they can combine the low tech with the high tech, make the silly a little more scary, that’s cool with me, just don’t let the big guy stray too far from his origins. So here’s to hoping the new model Godzilla will indeed be “kick ass” and really deliver!