Anticipation builds for a new Jurassic Park

As we recently reported on TG, there’s been a lot of speculation about yet another Jurassic Park film. With everything being rebooted these days, why not, right? 

Frankly, the sequels left a lot to be desired, and maybe like Spider-Man those big CGI dinos could use a fresh start.


There’s also been reports of the original Jurassic Park being converted to 3D, which actually is not a bad idea, and it’s a good choice for the format. The first Jurassic Park still holds up pretty well, and with the extra 3D icing on the cake, it could indeed really enhance the experience.


Producer Kathleen Kennedy, who’s worked with Steven Spielberg for many years, told Collider Universal wants to do a 3D Jurassic conversion. However, the question remains – can Spielberg find time in his frenetic schedule to oversee it?

Kennedy also told Collider that if there’s going to be a Jurassic 4, “We have a very high bar for ourselves because we’re just like the audience. We don’t want to make the movie if there’s not a reason to make the movie.”


So Collider now tells us, the Rise of the Planet of the Apes team of Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver were brought in to write the script, and Frank Marshall, who is married to Kennedy and is her long-time producing partner, told Collider, “I would say that it will be on the screen within two years.”

Of course they want a summer release, and it’s not going to be a reboot.  Where the first Jurassic Park was a huge leap forward to movie technology, Marshall’s just as excited today as to what can be done with a new Jurassic film.

“Technology’s taken a leap now that we can really do some great things,” he said.

And as far as getting it in the theaters in two years, Spielberg confirmed at Comic Con he’d like it done in that timeline as well. No, the big Spiel won’t be directing the film, but he’ll definitely have a major hand in everything behind the scenes.