Comic-Con reacts to Lone Ranger trailer

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a lot of big Hollywood movies being postponed because of budget problems.

The list of films includes World War Z, which apparently required a last minute emergency re-write, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, which has been put on hold, and the releases for Jack the Giant Killer and the next G.I. Joe film, both of which have been moved to later dates.


The Lone Ranger also came close to getting shut down before costs were cut down, and now at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego, the first footage has been unveiled from the film, which stars Armie Hammer in the title role, and Johnny Depp as Tonto.

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, “The footage was more a glimpse into the world and look of the film than a lot summary,” and that it was “greeted enthusiastically” by the audience.

Entertainment Weekly also notes that in the footage you hear Depp speaking in fractured English, “There come a time, Kemosabe… when good man must wear mask,” and that the film had a “heavier, more ominous tone” than the previous films Depp and director Gore Verbinski made together, the Pirates of the Caribbean series. 

In fact, you get the impression this won’t be the campy approach that sunk Dark Shadows, and as EW continues, “Those looking for a darker take on The Lone Ranger will be pleased by the intense tone and focus on action over humor.”


The big questions with The Lone Ranger concerned whether the Western was still a viable genre to spend this much money on, and of course there’s also the concern that today’s audiences may not remember The Lone Ranger or care, so obviously the series will have to be reinvented enough so newcomers will enjoy it on its own merits.


Lone Ranger, which is still shooting, is scheduled to hit theaters on July 3, 2013.