Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdom’s trailer broods over the sword

BigPoint has released a trailer for its upcoming massive multi-player online role-playing game.

 Essentially, this trailer serves as its announcement and contains pretty much everything we know about the game thus far – aside from the fact that it will be playable in your web-browser.

We can make some further guesses, however. It will probably not allow players to actually vie for any thrones, they will likely be soldiers and other supporting roles.  The story likely reflects very little of the story from the books. Indeed, if it even takes place at the same time, the canon will be tangential at best. 

Frankly, judging by the trailer above, the game looks just terrible to me. The graphics engine is inarticulate and seems somewhat stilted, as the animation is slow and clunky. Truth is, it looks almost as bad as the single player adventure which was released earlier this year on a different label. There is no way a game of this low graphical fidelity could ever compete in the extremely difficult MMORPG gaming arena.

I don’t know who is in charge of deciding which Game of Thrones video games are getting made, but they should surely be flogged.

My prediction? A slow start out of the gate, nearly empty servers the entire run, and a decline that places the game in the free-to-play (F2P) arena if it doesn’t simply kill it entirely. Even if it does go F2P, it will close its servers within a couple years at most. Modern games simply won’t tolerate graphics this bad, no matter what the gameplay is like (which we have no idea about at this point, since all we have is a few clips on top of music from the HBO show).

Perhaps they still have time to realize their mistake and start from scratch, but I doubt it.

No release date has yet been announced for Game of Thrones: The Seven Kingdoms other than 2013.