Massive video game collection sells for $1.2 million

If you love old school video games, fear not. There’s many cartridges available on Ebay for dirt cheap, and you can probably even buy arcade games for relatively cheap as well. 

Even with the Plan 9 From Outer Space of gaming, the E.T. game, there’s plenty of copies you can track down if you want one. (And we thought they were all tarred over in a landfill).


Although some titles are sure to be rare, one should never have to worry about not being able to find an old school game when gaming nostalgia kicks in. This is why I was surprised to see a report in the L.A. Times about someone selling their video game collection on EBay and getting big bucks for it. How big? Try $1.2 million!


The collector is from the south of France, and as the Times tells us, he had about 7,000 games including every Sega game, all the NEC games, and a number of Nintendo titles. The rarities in his collection include Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, and the 550 Sega Dreamcast, and some games, like Go-Net, where reportedly only two copies exist, and Kunio-Kun Dodgeball Gold, where reportedly only eight copies exist.


What’s also insane is this collector still has thousands of games he’s not selling, and what he offloaded is only part of his collection. 

And as the Times tells us, he’s owed $1,230,699.99, along with $1,230.70 shipping costs. Now, where are my old Atari and ColecoVision cartridges again?