The Dark Knight Rises: Biggest weekend ever?

It’s obviously the “no sh*t Sherlock” statement of the year, but people are going to be flocking to theaters in droves when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20. 

As this story was being finalized, there’s no official reviews as of yet, although we do know the movie has been screened, and what little reports we’ve been able to gather so far on the ‘Net from fans have been very positive so far.


Good, bad or indifferent, the movie’s going to make a ton of cash regardless, but what’s the estimated total from the box office pundits?

Well, the Hollywood Reporter estimates it could be the “biggest weekend opening of all time for [a] 2D movie.” Early tracking indicates the film should outgross The Dark Knight’s opening weekend, where it made $158.4 million.


But now with so many 3D movies out there, the headline again reminded us this is for a “2D” movie. There’s going to be IMAX screenings, but there’s no 3D version of the film, even though there had to be pressure on director Christopher Nolan to make it in 3D. Remember, 3D films add more to a movie’s box office take because you have to pay more to go see one.


The Reporter also tells us, “Overall tracking numbers for Dark Knight Rises aren’t that far behind Avengers,” but another tiny speed bump The Dark Knight may also have is its length, 164 minutes, which could cut down one screening a day.


Still, there’s no doubt the film is going to be a huge success, and here’s hoping itnwill be a fitting end to the great Christopher Nolan / Christian Bale Batman series.