Rise of the Guardians trailer introduces Jack Frost

DreamWorks has posted the second trailer for Rise of the Guardians, an animated film slated to hit theaters on November 21.

 The  first trailer – which debuted back in March – depicted the four major childhood icons, including Santa Claus (aka North) voiced by Alec Baldwin, the Easter Bunny (aka E. Aster Bunnymund) voiced by Hugh Jackman, the Tooth Fairy (aka Tooth) voiced by Isla Fisher and the Sandman.

The new trailer highlights the character Jack Frost and offers additional plot details. For example, Frost is actually the lead character in the film, voiced by actor Chris Pine, who is best known for his role in the new Star Trek films as Captain Kirk.

Frost is ultimately forced to decide whether he should join in with the other characters to fight the villainous Pitch, otherwise known as the boogeyman, who is intent on stealing the dreams of children and replacing them with nightmares.

The film is based on a series of books written by author William Joyce titled The Guardians of Childhood.