Making way for The Dark Knight and Total Recall

As discussed recently on TG, when two or more blockbusters are vying for the same release date, it is often a big game of chicken to see who’s going to get out of the way first. 

With two big blockbusters coming on the heels of each other, namely The Dark Knight Rises and Total Recall, The Bourne Legacy is moving out of the way to make room and give theater exhibitors a break.

At least this is what reports are saying all over the ‘Net. Deadline confirms there were recent reshoots on The Bourne Legacy in June, but the site also reports that test screenings have gone well for it.

Still, this is the first Bourne film without Matt Damon in the lead, and Jeremy Renner is taking over, so there could indeed be some nervousness about how the new guy’s going to fly.


There’s also the problem of several blockbusters in a row from late July into August, which probably wouldn’t be a problem, except as Variety reports, Universal believes The Dark Knight Rises will have a longer reign at the top, much like The Avengers.

The Bourne Legacy release is being moved up a week to August 10, and as a source told Deadline, “Look what happened with Avengers. One extra week makes a world of sense.” 

It’s also a sign that perhaps the early buzz on Total Recall is indeed warranted, and The Bourne Legacy being moved a week could be a positive sign that Recall may be a winner.


Theater exhibitors were also reportedly concerned about two movies coming out back to back that have a strong male demographic with Recall and Bourne. Universal said in an official statement, “Just as The Avengers demonstrated marketplace sustainability that well outpaced traditional patterns earlier this summer, the industry expects a similar trajectory for The Dark Knight Rises. Moving one week further from its release will give The Bourne Legacy an even greater opportunity to maximize its opening box-office potential.”


And just so you can plan your movie going accordingly, The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, Total Recall comes out August 3, and now The Bourne Legacy will be released on August 10.