Paranormal Awakening trailer goes live

You might want to check out the new trailer for The Awakening if you’re a fan of horror and suspense movies.

The genre flick debuted last September at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been making the obligatory rounds ever since, garnering an increasing amount of critical praise along the way.

The film – which has been compared to “Woman in Black” –  is finally coming to the US and a theater near you on August 10th.

The Awakening is set in Victorian England shortly after WWI and follows paranormal investigator and debunker Florence Cathcart as she investigates spooky goings-on at a boarding school.

The official synopsis is as follows: “Set in London in 1919, Florence Cathcart (REBECCA HALL), author of the popular book ‘Seeing Through Ghosts,’ has devoted her career to exposing claims of the supernatural as nothing but hoaxes. Haunted by the recent death of her fiancé, she is approached by Robert Mallory (DOMINIC WEST) to investigate the recent death of a student at the all-boys boarding school where he teaches.

“When students at the school report sightings of the young boy’s ghost, she decides to take on the case. Initially, the mystery surrounding the ghost appears nothing more than a schoolboy prank, but as Florence continues to investigate events at the school, she begins to believe that her reliance on science may not be enough to explain the strange phenomenon going on around her.”