This Portal 2 turret replica is iconic

Of all the video franchises in the wide world of geekdom, Portal is perhaps one of the most iconic. 

The original Portal video game launched in 2007 and was a single player, first person platform title from Valve. The game posed a series of puzzles that players solved by teleporting characters and simple objects using a handheld portal device.

Portal 2 – the long-awaited follow-up to the original – launched in 2011 on multiple platforms. The game added some new wrinkles to the original title, but was still dominated by challenging puzzles solved by using the portal gun to teleport the on-screen character.

Of course, Portal 2 added a number of new features such as tractor beams, laser redirection, bridges made of light, and gels to provide special properties to certain surfaces when applied. The second game in the Portal franchise also includes multiple player modes and the infamous turrets which target anyone they detected.

Over the years, we’ve seen replica turrets and even replica Portal guns. So if you’re a hard-core fan interested in Portal replicas, you might want to check out a company known as Gaming Heads which plans on producing an officially licensed Portal 2 turret replica. Gaming Heads says it will manufacture the replica in two versions, both made from Portal 2 in game-assets and cast in a material called poly-stone.

The difference between the two iterations? The higher-end version features voice samples and sounds straight out of the video game. Pre-orders have already kicked off, with the replica turrets selling for between $300 and $325.