Opposing the Total Recall and Robocop reboots

Ronny Cox is a fantastic character actor. He made his debut in Deliverance, and also went on to star in Beverly Hills Cop, Stargate SG-1, and many other movies and TV shows.

You also know him as the bad guy in both Robocop and Total Recall. Who could forget his immortal line, “in 30 seconds, you’ll be dead, then I’ll blow this place up and be home in time for corn flakes!”


So indeed there’s reports all over the ‘Net about the promise of the Total Recall remake, along with advance posters for Rekall promising to make your dreams come true everywhere, and the Robocop remake is also up and running, which hopes to start in September. 

Yet Cox isn’t thrilled with this for the same reason many people don’t like sequels and remakes. Both films were complete exercises, and to many there’s no point in going back or going through it again.


Cox has written a book about his experiences working on Deliverance, called, you guessed it, Dueling Banjos, and Ronnie told The Wrap, “I hate sequels and remakes. I thought both films were pretty well realized, so I don’t see the point in finding something good and just doing it again. Someone once said that doing a sequel is like putting on a wet bathing suit. Same is true with a remake.”


I certainly agree with Ronnie’s sentiments, I’ve been tired of the whole reboot thing myself, but there is hope that Total Recall will live up to its buzz, which so far’s been pretty good. 

And as much as I’d hate to see a remake of Robocop, I will try and keep an open mind about it as well, although like Ronny, I can be pretty set in my ways myself.