Cloud Atlas gets a release date

Cloud Atlas is an ambitious new sci-fi movie from the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer, the director of Run Lola Run. 

Based on the book by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas boasts an all star cast that includes Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, and Susan Sarandon. 

The story takes place over a long time frame, from the 19th century all the way into the future.

Indeed, the cast members will play more than one character as the storyline progresses, and like a lot of time travel stories, this tale is also about how even a single action can affect the future.

A mostly completed version was screened at the Cannes Film Festival this year, and the film runs at two hours and forty-four minutes, again an epic story at an epic length.  Originally the film was going to hit theaters on December 6, but now Collider tells us Cloud Atlas is now launching on October 26.

Dan Fellman, who is President of Domestic Distribution for Warner Brothers, said in a statement, “Audiences who have seen an early screening of Cloud Atlas have been elated by its powerful and inspiring  story, as well as its breathtaking visuals. An October release in North America is the perfect window to showcase this epic film.”


While Run Lola Run didn’t re-write the rules of science fiction like The Matrix did, it was certainly a very cool and influential flick in its own right. 

It’s also interesting that Tykwer and the Wachowskis are working together on what could be a fascinating cinematic odyssey. How far it will go and how much it influence it will wield in terms of redefining the rules of science fiction remains to be seen, but it’s definitely a fascinating concept that sounds like it could make an amazing film if all comes together as planned.