Chris Pine talks Star Trek 2

Chris Pine has successfully assumed the role of Captain Kirk, taking over from the rather affable William Shatner.

As every Trekkie no doubt know, 

Pine, along with and the rest of the new Trek crew, are back on board for the next installment of the JJ Abrams ST revival.


Pine is currently in the movie People Like Us, which means he’s doing press interviews for the film, and of course, Star Trek 2 questions are going to come up. Obviously, he’s not going to confess who the villain is, but you don’t have to give away the whole store to keep the geeks satisfied.


Pine acknowledges the high expectations for the next iteration in the Abrams Star Trek franchise, telling Collider, “The more money that’s involved on anything, the more people are expecting and hoping that it’s not going to fail… Those big films are scary things. There’s so much money behind those things. I’m just happy that the people behind it were such good welcoming types. JJ is a wonderful guy.”


Trek 2 will also have a lot of IMAX footage, and as Pine continued, “They are big cameras. They are big, loud cameras! And the things take forever to reload. It’s literally 20 minutes to reload a camera.” 

Pine said he liked The Avengers in Imax, and told Collider, “I think JJ did a good job of knowing which scenes to marry with Imax and which scenes would really pop, like they did with Mission Impossible.”


But of course, the human element is always very important, and Pine concluded by promising that “the journeys with the characters will be really great, and the explosions and set pieces are going to knock people out of their seats.” 

We all know the expectations for Trek 2 are off the charts, and if both the human and blockbuster elements deliver, it will indeed be a hell of a flick.