Vampire Hunter premieres on the USS Abraham Lincoln

The trailers and commercials for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter look pretty sweet indeed.

While horror film mash-ups are of course nothing new, what the movie’s done for our armed forces is indeed unique: it was world premiered for the troops.

Benjamin Walker, who plays Honest Abe, and co-stars Anthony Mackie and Erin Wasson were on hand when the film recently hit theaters on the USS Abraham Lincoln, a Navy aircraft carrier, which is stationed in the Middle East. 

Over 1,800 sailors watched the film, and not only did Walker and the gang sign autographs for our boys overseas, but Vampire Hunter merchandise, including Abe Lincoln top hats and fake fans, were given away.


Seth Grahame-Smith, who wrote the novel Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and also adapted the screenplay, was at the screening, and termed the experience “life changing.”

“I know that sounds like something you’re supposed to say to be polite, but it is true,” Seth Grahame-Smith told Fox News. “The sailors made up one of the most hospitable and enthusiastic audiences I have ever seen, but because we got to meet some of the most amazing, talented, hard-working and hospitable people in the world during our stay.”


While the reviews for Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter aren’t in yet as this blog post was finalized, no matter how the film ultimately turns out with the critics and the public, it’s experiences like this that makes it all worthwhile. 

For the troops who are protecting our freedom, it truly had to be both a surreal and wonderful experience to see a fictional Abe Lincoln saving the world from vampires and freeing slaves.