Beyond: Two Souls trailer is intriguing

If you’re a fan of the video game Heavy Rain, you should be familiar with a studio known as Quantic Dream.

Quantic Dream cofounder David Cage was on stage at this year’s Sony’s E3 briefing to talk about the latest project from the company titled Beyond: Two Souls. The video game features the voice of actress Ellen Page, who was in the flick Inception and plays a heroine named Jodie Holmes in Beyond.

Holmes is a woman with supernatural powers that comes from a psychic link to a force called Aiden. The E3 teaser above spans four and a half minutes, which is a cut scene that, frankly, I found somewhat tedious, at least until a SWAT team burst into the police station where the woman is being held.

The trailer cuts to other game play teaser footage – showing a bruised and bloodied Holmes running from a SWAT team that doesn’t seem to be affiliated with any police department. It’s at this point you see the true appeal of this video game when Holmes appears to start using the environment to destroy her enemies.

From what I can tell, Holmes carries no weapons. She herself is the weapon in this game – with Aiden appearring to be some sort of spirit that follows her around. Combat has Holmes using everything around to fight, including buildings.

When Cage compared Beyond: Two Souls to Heavy Rain he said Beyond was a “more action driven experience” and that Beyond offers “much more direct control” and “much more spectacular action” than Heavy Rain. Beyond is slated to  launch in February of 2013 exclusively for the PS3.