Video: Star Wars 1313 gameplay goes live

Of all the new video games that have surfaced at E3 2012 so far, Star Wars 1313 is the title that really caught our eye.

Sure, we saw a few concept photos, artwork and a teaser trailer earlier this week, but what we really wanted to watch was actual game play footage.

Fortunately, game play footage and an opening cut scene have just hit YouTube. The first scenes look more like a CGI cut scene to me, but developers insist the video is actually being rendered by the game engine.

Later in the video we get to see an actual player controlled scene completely rendered from the game demo on a computer as well. This game looks absolutely killer on a graphics level, and I bet it will be brutal on your PC. Seriously, you might want to start upgrading now because I suspect you’ll need some heavy graphics muscle to run this game with full options enabled.

So forget about the oft-repeated question: “Will it play Crysis?” The next gaming meme may very well be “But will it play 1313?”