Report: Wii U will be connected to the cloud

According to a new report, you’ll be able to save your Wii U save files and profiles to the cloud.

Nintendo has gained a lot of rightful accolades for a lot of things. It is a marketing powerhouse, it knows how to connect with its fans, and when it comes to its killer franchises, it never cuts corners.

But there’s one thing that hasn’t been associated with Nintendo for decades – the bleeding edge of technology. The Nintendo 64 was using cartridges when the Playstation was using discs, for example.

And of course the Gamecube only used mini DVDs while the Xbox and PS2 were running gigabytes worth of content on full-size DVDs, and now the Wii remains the only system without high-definition resolution or a robust online network.

If you just looked at the technical white papers, Nintendo wouldn’t stand a chance in this industry. But it is because of its ability to create fun, compelling gameplay experiences that has allowed it to thrive.

Nevertheless, it’s time for Nintendo to come into the 21st century, so the Wii U Daily report that gamers will be able to connect to the cloud for game saves and user profiles is welcome news.

Apparently, the service will give users 512 MB of storage, which should be enough for dozens of save files. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exactly give Nintendo a competitive advantage. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 have cloud saving options, but it is good that Nintendo is catching up when it comes to online connectivity.