The Avengers hit a billion

You knew The Avengers was going to have a good second weekend, but this good?

In fact, it’s hit a billion dollars world-wide, with audiences all over the world loving the film, and it had a second weekend like many Hollywood box office pundits haven’t seen in quite some time.

The world-wide box office for films these days is crucial, because the overseas market is bigger than ever, but The Avengers made a ton of money overseas before it came out here and was a huge record breaker domestically. 

According to Deadline, The Avengers made $100 million its second weekend, which beat out Avatar’s $75 million.

Crossing a billion on Sunday, May 13, made The Avengers the #11 all time biggest money maker, with Nikki Finke adding, “It should shoot up to #5 very quickly. It will be the first Marvel film and fifth Disney release to reach $1[billion].”


And now MTV is speculating it may be the biggest movie of the year considering how much money it’s raking in two weeks in a row domestically. As Kara Warner writes, “The likeliest contender competing for some of the Avengers-size box office haul is The Dark Knight Rises.” And it will indeed be interesting to see how The Dark Knight fares in comparison to The Avengers when it’s released on July 20.


Phil Contrino, the editor of told MTV, “I don’t think anything other than Dark Knight Rises can pull it off. With Spider-Man, every time a franchise is rebooted, it takes a while for the fans to dip their toes in the water and get afeel for it. X-Men: First Class and even Batman Begins didn’t open to huge numbers.”


As for Prometheus, which a lot of genre fans are dying to see, Contrino added, “For an R-rated movie to do $200 million would be something really monumental, almost impossible, I think.”