Znug fires up cyberpunk e-bike

What do you give the cyberpunk who has everything? How about a low-riding, anime-inspired Japanese electric motorbike/scooter?

Designed by Kota Nezu’s Znug Design and fabricated and manufactured by Autostaff Suehiro, a company well known in the vibrant Japanese custom motorcycle and scooter circles for its tricked out dirt bikes, sidecars and trikes, the bike is called the zecOO (pronounced ZEE-KU) and recently had its unveiling at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

The zecOO has a range of between 55 and 85 miles and generates a rather modest 28 horsepower and 47 foot-pounds of torque for a top speed of 75 mph, perhaps due to its rather chubby weight of 540 pounds.

Znug Design describes the bike as an “emotional electric low ride motorcycle,” but other than that rather mysterious description, specs and details about the bike have been rather tough to come by.

Poring over the pictures taken at a recent photo shoot at the ancient Chokoji Temple in Sanmu, a couple of hours east of Tokyo, we can tell that the bike features a Mitsubishi Megatorque belt drive, Buell brakes and incredibly tricked out front and rear suspension systems. 

The bike also boasts fat wheels, extended handle bars and super boss single-sided hub attachments for both the front and back wheels.

The zecOO is equipped with a low-slung fairing which seems to glide over the entirety of the bike’s front end. That fairing gives way to a futuristic set of gauges which stick out from the place where the bike’s gas tank would be, if it had one. The extremely minimal seat underscores the line on the bike’s fenders and carbon fiber composition.

So just what will an emotional electric low-ride motorcycle set you back? Znug Design says that they will produce a very limited number of the bikes with a price tag of $70,000. In comparison, the Zero ZF9 electric street bike has a range of 114 miles, a top speed of 88 miles per hour and sells for $13,995.

* Steve Duda, EarthTechling