Sony will not televise E3 press conference

Sony will be cracking down on what live platforms will be allowed to carry its big E3 media spectacle.

The company has announced that it will not be allowing Spike TV to broadcast its E3 press conference this year, which it has allowed in previous years.

In addition, it looks like other streaming platforms from video game websites will be banned from live direct-feed coverage. Gamers who want to watch from home will have to watch on Sony’s official site.

What Sony will reveal during its presentation remains a huge mystery. Last year, everyone knew that the company was going to talk a lot about its new portable gaming system, as well as address the massive disruption that plagued the Playstation Network in the preceding months.

Because it needed as much good press as possible, Sony went all out last year, treating the media to enough free food and drinks to feed a small country and inviting nearly everyone to the event who asked for an invitation.

It seemed like all that glitz was in the hopes of quickly covering up the disaster that resulted from the PSN debacle, but Sony will be holding the same kind of shebang this year so hopefully it has something interesting enough to meet that level of excitement.

Microsoft, which kicks off the E3 press conferences, will be airing its event live on Spike as well as other streaming channels online. Nintendo has not announced one way or the other, which at this point means it is probably in the same boat as Microsoft.