Walking Dead video game episode 1 goes live

It’s the perfect way to kill time in between seasons of the TV show.

The title goes up on the Playstation Network today, with the first in what will be a five-episode series, for $4.99. Customers can also pre-purchase the entire series for $19.99, saving them around $5 in the long run.

The Walking Dead has gained notoriety for its epic storytelling, and for its ability to tell expand what has become a very traditional pattern for zombie-related action stories.

When it comes to zombie plot lines, they are almost always written to be conveyed in a very finite, time-sensitive context. The story involves a city or town being overcome by zombies, until eventually some top-secret government group is able to come in, nuke the place, and erase any memory of the zombie existence.

In The Walking Dead, though, there is a more realistic depiction of a world that becomes completely overrun by the undead creatures, and showing that such an event is more than something that could be summed up in a 90-minute movie.

Indeed, this is the first time that a zombie invasion has been the subject of a serial drama, and it’s opening up the imagination of zombie fans the world over.

The video game has a parallel story to the comic book series, and is being published by Telltale, which has gained recent fame for its masterful game adaptations of series like Back to the Future and Wallace & Gromit.

There’s no word on when the other episodes will be released, but Telltale has a history of not making fans wait that long in between episodes.