The Game of Thrones phenomenon

Although the ratings for Game of Thrones aren’t enormous, the show is absolutely one of the hottest things in popular culture right now.

The third season’s already gotten the greenlight, and I’m willing to bet its popularity is going to only grow from here.

Now for New York magazine, one of Hollywood’s toughest, and infamous managers, Gavin Polone has declared his allegiance to the show, and why he feels it’s one of the best things since sliced bread.

In fact, he headlined his story, “All TV Should Be More Like Game of Thrones,” and candidly gave his reasons why he loves the show.


For those who don’t follow show biz, Polone has been called “the dark prince of Hollywood” by The Hollywood Reporter, and he wouldn’t be out of place on an episode of Entourage.

Polone is also an agent and manager whose clients included Larry David, Conan O’Brien, and David Koepp (screenwriter of Jurassic Park), and in addition to now directing, he also writes a column for New York magazine’s Vulture.


Polone writes that “Game of Thrones contains more alienating and objectionable content than any show I can remember. There are insanely violent moments, there is extensive objectification of women, there is also a lot of gruesome animal death. And yet, I find myself obsessed and wildly entertained by this show.”


As a long time manager and agent of top Hollywood writers, Polone feels “the writing and acting are the main reasons this show works so well. For the most part, GoT’s episodic plots are compelling, and the dialog is sharp and often quotable.” 

Of course, a Hollywood player’s going to love the line, “Power is power,” and you could almost imagine Don Corleone saying it.


Polone adds, “What makes Game of Thrones the best show on TV is the desire of the producers to surprise us. Most everything else on television is just too damn predictable in both plot and incident these days, so it is really special to see something on screen that doesn’t go the way that you think it will. I can only hope that the lesson other networks can derive from the huge success of Game of Thrones is that there is much to be gained by taking chances and veering away from what is thought to be safe.”


Actually, the people in Hollywood who make major motion pictures could learn a lot from that as well, and Game of Thrones is also proof that there’s far better storytelling on TV these days than there is on the silver screen by a wide mile.