Skyrim to get Kinect support on Xbox 360

The news will undoubtedly make fans of the Xbox 360 version of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim absolutely giddy.

Yes, a free patch for Xbox 360 users is expected to roll out later this month. The update will add a number of long-awaited new features, including support for 200 voice commands via Kinect.

The coolest part? Among the voice commands will be dragon shouts – including the infamous FUS RO DAH. If you don’t know about FUS RO DAH, well, you obviously need to spend more time playing the game. The literal translation for the phrase is “force balance push,” which is is an attack spell in the game.

Presumably, all 24 of the Dragon Shouts will be available via voice commands. Other voice commands will include menu options, such as the ability to save and load games as well as commands for accessing inventory. The voice commands will also support a number of commands for followers and hotkey equipping. The full list of voice commands is expected to be the released by developer Bethesda in the coming weeks.

Other than adding Kinect support, the patch will also offer a number of welcome upgrades, including items such as special map functions, additional hotkey options, and the ability to sort inventory items by name, weight, and value.

It’s not clear at this point if the update will only be offered for the Xbox 360 – or will roll out for other platforms minus the voice commands. It would obviously be easy enough to execute voice commands for PC gamers using a microphone, so hopefully it won’t be an Xbox exclusive, but then again, you never know.  Check out the Kinect support video above for more information.