Titanic hitting theaters in 4D?!

Titanic, the movie that made James Cameron king of the world, is back in theaters in 3D. 

Of course, it’s still a little early to tell if today’s audiences will go gaga for the film like America did back in 1997, and whether Titanic will be any real competition against The Hunger Games reign at the box office.

In some theaters, however, Titanic 3D audiences will get even more enhancement with 4D.

As you may recall, 4D is basically an old gimmick that was first originally dubbed Smell-O-Vision. 

Essentially, in some theaters, scents are pumped in through the air system, or as Robert Rodriguez did with the ill-fated Spy Kids 4, you get scratch and sniff cards. (Needless to say, it didn’t launch a major trend in America, unlike how 3D has been hyped as the alleged salvation of the movie biz).


As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, in South Korea 4D is called 4DX, which has moving and rocking chairs like a rollercoaster, and it blasts water and air your face, which will hopefully help make Titanic feel more real than ever. This innovation was created by CJ 4DPlex Co, and 4DX hit theaters in 2009.


In countries where you can see movies in 4DX, you can also check out The Hunger Games, John Carter, and they upcoming Avengers. 

Could something like this be launched in the States in a big way some day? It certainly would be interesting to see if anyone in America is going over to Korea to check the possibility of patenting and copyrighting something similar for the multi-plexes here, or at least install the technology in select theaters like Imax.