Hunger Games video game is in the works

Hunger Games movie studio Lionsgate says adapting the title as a video game is a “no-brainer.”

The next movie blockbuster was released last year, with The Hunger Games bringing in a record-breaking $155 million in its opening weekend. It gained media attention around the world.

Movies with far less traction and buzz have been adapted to console video games, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a Hunger Games video game is likely already in the works, or at the very least it will be soon.

In an interview with Forbes, the digital marketing VP of Lionsgate, which produced the film, said since the movie has the word “games” in the title, it’s obvious that it should be made into a game. “But we’ve been careful and cautious that when we do embark on a new project, we’re doing it the right way and delivering an experience that fans will enjoy,” he said.

Of course, with every successful entertainment release comes its controversy. The Hunger Games sparked a national debate over whether or not it was appropriate for children, with the teenage crowd as the target audience for the flick.

In the movie, which centers around children fighting one another to the death, the actual killings are portrayed with ambiguity, but is that possible in a video game?

The film was rated PG-13, but could this weighty concept survive the video game rating’s board equivalent rating of T for Teen? No doubt that would be a requirement for this game to be successful.