Joss Whedon on Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers

Like many, I’m looking forward to checking out Cabin in the Woods, the Joss Whedon horror film that’s taken two years to come out because the original studio, MGM, went bankrupt.

In true horror fashion, it will hit theaters on Friday the 13th, and thankfully nobody’s spoiled it yet. If the movie is indeed good, the audience should keep their end of the bargain and not spill the beans. In fact, I’m going to see it this week, and good, bad or indifferent, I won’t spoil it for anyone.

Recently, Whedon spoke to Den of Geek about Cabin in the Woods, and first off, he said that writing the film with Drew Goddard, who also directs the film, was “ridiculously fun.”

They holed up at a hotel in Santa Monica in a two-story room, and wrote fifteen pages a day of the script. In fact, the script was written in three days.


When the interviewer at Den of Geek almost brought up something near the end of the movie, Whedon stopped him, and joked, “I’m going to be watching the Internet every day, going, ‘Who’s going to ruin the experience?'”

As for the big hold-up, Whedon continued, “Everything I’ve done, everything has been delayed, had the release date pushed, my shows have been pushed to mid-season, or shut down briefly. The only thing that went exactly the way it was supposed to was Dr Horrible, and that was because the studio was me. And I like the Me Studio, because apparently I don’t have to wait for the right weekend.”


Then of course, next month, Whedon’s also got The Avengers coming out, and as far as working with Marvel, Whedon said: “The company really did let me make my own film. They said, ‘Here are the things we need; here is the villain, we want this to happen; we need the conflict here; here’s the third act, it will involve the following.’ 

“Which I’m [actually] fine with. Give me the parameters, because then I know where I’m going, and it does some of the legwork for me…I told them ‘This is the kind of movie I want to make,’ and they said, ‘All right, make that movie.'”