Is Clerks headed to Broadway?!

There’s certainly sillier stage plays I’ve heard of in my day. For example, the musical of The Ten Commandments with Val Kilmer sounds like something straight out of a Mel Brooks movie.

Sure, Kevin Smith going to Broadway is pretty crazy. Still, I have to admit the play could be pretty funny if it’s done right as well – or so we hope.

Reporting the news on Entertainment Weekly, a goofy reference was made to Jersey Boys, in the sense of there’s room for more Jersey boys on Broadway, and as EW reports, Smith may be doing Clerks III on Broadway.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Smith has announced he’s going to retire, and dedicate his life to smoking doobage, after his last movie, the hockey flick Hit Somebody, comes out.


All this is still in “early talks” stage, but if all goes according to plan, we could see Clerks III on the stage in 2014. Smith’s idea would be to do “a six month run,” and he wants the originals from the Clerk series to do it. “If we don’t get Jeff [Anderson, aka Randal from Clerks] it won’t happen,” Smith said. “He’s the key to Clerks III for me.”

Among Smith’s grandiose plans, he wants to do one performance that can be broadcast into movie theaters. “So ultimately, anyone who can’t make it to Broadway to see the show can go to the movie theater the night we stream the production and see it for like 20 bucks.” Smith also joked, “The hardest part for me will be standing on stage for two hours and not talking.”


For a moment, you wonder if Smith is really serious about all this. After all, James Cameron just made a joke about doing the sequel to Prometheus, and it got pretty far in the press before anyone realized he was kidding. 

Even Jeff Anderson e-mailed his old buddy Kevin and told him to “lay off the weed, sir,” and it makes you wonder how good was the sh*t Smith was smoking was when he came up with all of this. Obviously not as good as the genius who thought a sequel to Twins with Eddie Murphy’s a great idea, but still…


So will Kevin Smith stop pursuing his dream of giving up his career and becoming a full time pot-head to get this up and running on the Broadway stage? Could be interesting to see how all this pans out, and if it will inspire Smith to put down the bong and go back to making movies again.