Netflix’s Reed Hastings just wants his HBO Go

The CEO of Netflix is talking about how much he wants HBO Go; what’s wrong with this picture?

In what seems like an unusual turn of events at first glance, the head of Netflix is taking to social media to talk about wanting to access HBO Go, not as a competing company executive but as a normal guy who just likes good entertainment.

It’s a very weird thing to see Hastings post on Facebook, since he has been very vocal about saying that HBO is Netflix’s biggest competitor. But then again, his Facebook post is actually more focused on criticizing Comcast.

On his Facebook page, Hastings wrote, “Comcast: I’m paying you a lot of money for HBO, so please let me watch HBO Go on my TV. I want my HBO Go.” While this may be a nice jolt of PR for HBO’s streaming service, it shows that Hastings is growing increasingly frustrated with Comcast.

The cable operator sort of shot Hastings in the back after it categorically rejected his very preliminary idea of perhaps some day bringing Netflix to Comcast cable boxes or there was some sort of partnership between the two.

So it’s really no coincidence that after that, Hastings started complaining about Comcast’s service on a public forum. Of course, Hastings also has a beef with HBO; after all, there’s no chance that HBO content will be available on Netflix’s streaming platform any time soon.

But based on this latest message, where Hastings is saying HBO Go is a worthwhile service and Comcast cable is not, it’s becoming clear which of his foes is the bigger annoyance to him.