Some thoughts on Eddie Izzard and The Munsters

We recently reported that The Munsters are coming back to TV, and being a long time fan of the show, I have to go in with some skepticism about this.

Frankly, I’m really quite tired of all the endless remakes, reboots, whatever you call them these days. Plus, I’m a big fan of the original show and thought the first cast of Fred Gwynne (Herman), Yvonne DeCarlo (Lily), Al Lewis (Grandpa), Butch Patrick (Eddie), and Pat Priest (Marilyn), made a perfect monster family.

Even the show title won’t be the same, the new Munsters reboot is called Mockingbird Lane, and as skeptical as I am, there’s already been an interesting casting choice, the first one so far.

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, British comedian Eddie Izzard is in to play Grandpa.


Izzard is certainly no cookie cutter comedian. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s a British transvestite (he calls himself a “power transvestitie” on stage), and he’s very funny. If you’re unfamiliar with him, check out his cable special Dress to Kill, and he’s also a good dramatic actor as well.

Plus, Izzard had roles in The Last Samurai, Across the Universe, The Chronicles of Narnia, Cars 2, Valkyrie, and The Cat’s Meow, where he did a very good performance as Charlie Chaplin.


Mockingbird Lane is being spearheaded by Bryan Fuller, who also created the show Pushing Daises, and the show will be on NBC. Bryan Singer, director of X-Men I and II, The Usual Suspects and the upcoming Jack the Giant Killer, will also be directing the pilot. 

As The Reporter tells us, and as we often hear about modern reboots, Mockingbird Lane will be “an edgier and slightly darker take” on the Munsters, and will also be, big surprise, an origin story.


Again, I’m taking a wait and see attitude with this, but Izzard’s a very nice left of center choice. This isn’t going to be an easy show to cast, especially Herman, and I’m curious who else will fill up the Munster family, yet Izzard’s getting things off to a pretty decent start already.