From The Terminator to Twins?!

Who thinks a sequel to the uber-mediocre 80’s comedy Twins is a good idea?

Yes, it is somewhat of a rhetorical question, especially because I’m wondering what on earth the denizens of Hollywood were smoking when they greenlit this, and can they pass it my way? 

Reviving a comedy that wasn’t that funny to begin with is a bad idea, but adding Eddie Murphy to the mix is pure suicide.

This news came out right before April Fools day so this is clearly no joke, but as Cinema Blend tells us, this has been in the works since last summer when reports hit that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito could possibly get back together again.

Apparently the movie is now going to be called Triplets, with Eddie Murphy being the third one in the family.

We all know Ah-nold’s career and public image have really taken a hit lately, but this is what’s gonna bring him back?! As anyone with half a brain knows, action and sci-fi is what he’s best at, you know, Terminator, Predator, the OG Total Recall, that’s always been his forte.

And really, although Arnold can be very funny, he’s never really done well with comedy. No, he’s always best where he drops his funny one liners in the action, not where he’s forced to be funny the whole movie. Going back to Twins, which wasn’t a laugh riot to begin with, and then adding Eddie Murphy, whose glory days are well behind him, isn’t going to be the career cure all by a long shot for either actor. Again, who thought this was a great idea?

The first Twins was a fine idea for a comedy, imagine pitching it to a major studio, just the ad campaign alone was funny, but like a lot of movies in Hollywood, it was a marketing concept in search of a film, like Wild Wild West. 

Big stars attached, big ad campaigns, and everyone forgets about the movie, which is often the last consideration.

Arnold went through all that with The Last Action Hero, and that was big enough of a bomb that you’d think he’d learn his lesson. The former governer is usually a lot smarter than this, though with his recent marriage troubles, you wonder how much of his mental facilities he still has these days. This could be even further proof he’s lost the plot…

At the moment, the Hollywood Reporter tells us the stars are onboard, there’s currently no director, and Ivan Reitman’s production company is looking for writers to develop the story. (You may recall Reitman directed Twins, but he reportedly will only be producing this time). The Reporter also reminds us there’s also a sequel being developed for Midnight Run at Universal with Brett Ratner attached to direct. (Ewwwww!) And they turned down The Dark Tower and At the Mountains of Madness for this?