On the new wave of vampire flicks

Love it or hate it, Twilight and True Blood have made vampires the hot monsters, although they’re certainly not traditional bloodsuckers in the classic Dracula vein (pun intended). 

Still, the insane success of Twilight has made vampires hot, and if you’re having trouble selling your script to Hollywood, change the characters to vampires and you’ll probably have a better shot.

Recently, the news hits Deadline and ScienceFiction.com that there’s a whole new rash of vampire flicks coming, with Sony picking up a period vampire story, and Dracula Year Zero, set up at Universal. 

All three of the screenwriters working on these stories are newcomers, and hopefully they can ride the vampire wave to the Hollywood A-list.

Jason Keller, who’s doing the vampire movie for Sony is also adapting The Passage, which sounds like I Am Legend, with lab created vampires rising up after the apocalypse.

And yet another Guillermo Del Toro project, his adaptation of vampire graphic novels, The Strain, may also join the bloodsucker brigade. According to Deadline, Dracula Year Zero was originally going to have Alex Proyas (The Crow) directing, with Sam Worthington (Avatar) headlining, and again, the movie was shut down because the budget was too big. Now Gary Shore is directing, although Worthington probably won’t be playing Dracula.

Also funny enough, as Deadline points out, Keller also wrote Mirror Mirror, while Joe Roth and Palak Patel, who are producing the Sony vampire flick, produced Snow White and the Huntsman. So I guess they’re going to be doing dueling classic vampire movies as well?! 

Again, when something’s in the zeitgeist like this, there’s twenty million movies that will pop up, but also don’t forget there were also four fraternity movies that came out the same year as Animal House. Can anyone name any of them? Anyone? And no cheating with IMDB…