Introducing the Millenium Falcon guitar

When I was a kid, I tried doing glue together model kits, and many of them just had too many little pieces to keep track of and put together.

I never could have been a model builder in a million years, and when seeing Star Wars and Close Encounters, I was in awe at all the minutia and tiny little details that went into the spaceships.

So being a lover of geek phenomenon and guitars, this was especially a fun story to stumble across: A guy in Missouri who built his own Millenium Falcon guitar. 

As Guitar World reports, this is definitely a “one of a kind” item, ’cause you sure can’t buy this in stores. The guy who put it all together, Brian Fisk, also put an R2D2 at the headstock, aka the end of the guitar where you tune it, and it also makes noises, and flashes lights. Let’s see Kiss come up with a guitar like this.

As Fisk further explained, he took the sound effects from a toy, and this whole project came together out of  boredom. “I worked on it in my spare time for probably about three months,” Fisk said. “I wanted something to do around the house.” Fisk is also a guitar teacher, and the guitar’s on display at the music shop where he teaches.

It would certainly be a clusterf*ck to clear up all the rights to everything, but I bet you this would do well if they were available at every Guitar Center. It would obviously grab your attention, and if it got George Lucas’s endorsement, I’d bet a lot of Star Wars fans would buy it just to have one, whether they can play or not. To see one of the big, pimpy guitar companies like Gibson or Fender do even a limited run of these would be pretty cool indeed.