The post-nuclear world of GAMMA

Factory Fifteen has released a short, yet haunting sci-fi film dubbed GAMMA. The surreal movie depicts a post-nuclear future, in which the earth is riddled with dangerous radiation.

Enter GAMMA, an urban development corporation which proposes “regenerating” the cities back into zones fit for human habitation.

Faced with little choice, the authorities give GAMMA the green light to stabilize the atomic mistakes of yesteryear for the re-inhabitation of future generations. 

Using its ‘Nuke-Root’ technology – part fungi, part mollusk – GAMMA attempts to soak up the radiation and remove it from the irradiated cities. Setting out from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, GAMMA launches its RIG_01 BETA and heads east to the iconic disaster sites of 1980’s USSR. 

The film follows a group of researchers investigating GAMMA’s techniques from launch to deployment. Moving through a trail of unsuccessful ships across the desert, GAMMA is tracked from Aralsk’s littered sea bed east to the Ukraine.

GAMMA begins its quest of nuclear stability in the Ukraine, with the heavily contaminated city of Pripyat used as a test bed for the deployment of the corporation’s “Nuke-root” organisms. Intended to soak up the radiation, the roots infiltrate the ground and build structures to absorb the “nuclear nastys.”

Unfortunately, GAMMA’s execution is cheap and ineffective. The city is rendered even more radioactive than before, as it is filled with an outbreak of growing “nuke-roots.”

GAMMA was filmed in the Ukraine and Kazakhstan in association with the Unknown Fields Division.