Mass Effect 3 trailer takes back the Earth

The new entry in the popular space saga video game series is getting more interesting every time something new is revealed.

This time around, it’s a brand new trailer. It premiered on TV during last night’s episode of AMC’s original drama The Walking Dead.


Mass Effect 3 is due out in just a couple weeks, on March 6. Die-hard fans have already been playing a demo since it was made available as a download on Valentine’s Day.

The game is one of Microsoft’s poster children when it comes to delivering on the promise that its motion-sensing, voice-activated camera accessory first presented when it was still known as “Project Natal.”

The software giant said the technology would revolutionize games, it would be a new way to play, and it would make us think twice about what video games mean.

But like so many things, Kinect launched to the disappointment of many who said all that lofty PR speak was just hype. Kinect ended up being nothing more than Microsoft’s version of the Wii Remote, with mini-games and extremely casual adventures taking up nearly every Kinect shelf in stores.

However, it seems the hype may finally be realized, and the latest Bioware installment is proof positive.

In Mass Effect 3, players will be able to shout out commands to their computer-controlled teammates, use their voice to toggle between weapons, and carrying on conversations with other non-playable characters.

The question was whether or not Bioware would live up to that hype and flesh out the technology even more to make it a viable part of the game. It appears the company has done exactly that.