Star Wars-themed Xbox 360 heading out April 3

Although originally scheduled to be released last November for the holiday season, the special edition Xbox 360 with a Star Wars motif is shipping out in two months.

The bundle includes a 250 GB Xbox 360 with a blue-and-white color design meant to strike images of R2D2, along with a stark white Kinect motion camera and a metallic gold controller reminiscent of C-3PO.

It’s unknown if the delays were due to manufacturing and development problems or intervention by Lucas Arts to put the console closer in line with the re-release of Star Wars Episode I in theaters.

The 3D version of the flick will begin airing in theaters later this month, bringing back Star Wars fever to the nation and the world. In addition to all the hardware, the Star Wars Xbox 360 bundle will include the long-awaited Star Wars Kinect game.

That is the real reason for the bundle delays, which again could just be that Lucas was waiting until after the 3D movie made everyone in love with the franchise again.

The title is expected to be one of the most important ones yet to feature support for the Xbox 360’s motion-sensing peripheral. The idea of literally just moving your hands to use “the force,” just like in the movie, is enough to make any Star Wars fan excited.

As a result, the game also has more weight on its shoulder than nearly any other Kinect title before it. We’ll see if it lives up to the hype.