Words With Friends saves man’s life

An Australian man is thanking the addictive game Words With Friends for leading him to a life-saving doctor’s visit.

Georgie Fletcher started a Words With Friends round, searching for random users to be paired with. Fate matched her with one Beth Legler of Blue Springs, Missouri.

The two began chatting through the game’s instant messaging platform and must have hit it off because Fletcher felt comfortable enough to share some of her husband’s health concerns with Legler.

And it just so happens that Legler’s husband Larry is a doctor. Out of curiosity, Beth discussed the symptoms with Larry, who was alarmed enough to urge Simon Fletcher to go to the hospital.

It turns out Larry knew a thing or two about medical conditions, because when Simon went to seek medical attention he was told he had a 99% blockage near his heart. At any moment he could have gone into cardiac arrest.

“Had Larry not sent that message I don’t think Simon would have gone to the doctor that day,” Beth Legler told local news outlet Ozarks First.

Now, Simon is healthy and in good spirits. He said, “I owe Larry everything…I’m really lucky to be here.”

No doubt Georgie Fletcher’s in-game chats no longer revolve around her husband’s conditions and now she instead has a much more exciting story to tell.

And now that we know Words With Friends can help save lives, maybe we’ll give Alec Baldwin some slack for refusing to turn off the game on a recent flight out of New York. Then again, maybe not.