Live Verizon Fios app coming to Samsung

Verizon is planning on bringing its TV service to TVs without needing to pay for a subscription.

Samsung has revealed a new partnership with Verizon that will bring the latter’s Fios app to the latest line of Internet-enabled Samsung TV sets.

What this means is users will be able to stream thousands of videos and watch 26 channels of content directly through their TV’s Internet connection.

In addition to being rolled out to Samsung TVs, the service will also be compatible with the latest Samsung Blu-ray players as well.

This is the perfect example of what is perhaps the biggest overall trend at CES this year – smart TV. Instead of focusing on technology that enhances picture quality (HD and 3D ruled the annual trade show for many years), this time it’s all about the connectivity.

Verizon has also previously teamed up with Apple to bring a Fios app to the iPhone and iPad, and it also formed a partnership with Microsoft to let existing Fios customers watch live TV through their Xbox 360 – no need to switch to the cable box.

The Fios TV and Blu-ray player apps will be included on future Samsung models to be rolled out later this year.