No fix yet for mass Xbox Live error

For some, the recent major update to the Xbox 360 hasn’t been all fun and games.

In fact, a handful of users are being blocked from one of the console’s main features and Microsoft can’t even tell them why.

The glitch prevents users from downloading their Xbox Live profile, which in turn means they cannot play online games or download new content from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

“We have recently identified an Xbox Live profile data error that results in Error Code ‘801540B7’ for a small number of Xbox Live members. The error instructs users to attempt to re-download their Xbox Live profile and directs them to customer service support for further assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to our loyal Xbox Live members and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” an Xbox Live spokesperson said in an e-mail to Joystiq.

This comes after Microsoft released a huge update to the Xbox 360, which users had to download in order to keep using Xbox Live services. The massive software overhaul improved connectivity with the Kinect motion and voice activated camera, added new social integration features, and gave users the ability to stream live TV content.

But all of that is useless if you can’t even download your Xbox Live gamer profile. Microsoft did not issue a timeline of when it expects the bug to be fixed.